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„DO IT“ thats the message I want to publicize. That trip supported my opinion towards life, everything is possible, you simply just have to do it! While enjoying my beautiful home country and the gorgeous places in Switzerland and Italy, I definitely was reaching my limits and I was going above them, in between of loneliness after realizing I have chosen the wrong direction and happiness reaching everyday’s goal.

Last week I spontaneously decided to bike the TRANSALP – starting from Ischgl, Austria to Riva del Garda in Italy. I kinda like started doing my single „NINA TOUR“ trip, as nobody was available to do that with me – I thought, well in that case, I do it on my own. Tuesday night I finally decided to start wednesday morning in Ischgl.

Carrying only a Evoc 16 liter bag including helmet, sunglasses, sun creme, two different bike t-shirts, toothbrush, shampoo, cereals, Peroton mineral drink, GOPRO, bike repairing set, mobile phone, bike shoes, Flip-Flops, swimwear, rain jacket, first aid case, dry bag, Garmin watch – thats pretty much it. I do have to say that my Cannondale bike did an amazing job.

DAY No. 1: 8:00 am in the morning I started all the way from Ischgl to Heidelberger Hütte – Fimberpass – Sur En – UINA Schlucht – Mals – Latsch. That was my first day – I pretty much shared that experience with a punch of men from Germany who have been planing that tour since a year. The group kinda like was as fast as I am and it was super funny meeting new people while sitting on a bike. We kinda like that an amazing job – biking uphill around 2.640 hm and riding almost 3.300 hm down was super fun. The weather was a fabulous, super good, almost too hot for us. The though part was the long hiking I had to do – almost 800 hm up, carrying your bike on your shoulders, could be super hard, but I made it. I was always thinking about the fun downhill ride after I am going to reach the highest peak on my tour. The downhill run here was super fun, great view but also sometimes little bit tricky and though – nothing for beginners 🙂 Ending up with drinking a great beer, obviously as a relaxing point of view, I actually followed the recommendation of the guys and stayed in the same hotel – which was called Hotel Vermoi, I do have to recommend that hotel for everyone who wants to do the same trip than I did, its perfect for bikers, great food, price is super fair and lovely people everywhere. Makes you feel special 🙂

DAY No. 2: After enjoying the great breakfast in the hotel I decided to take a nice warming up run all the way down to Naturns, direction to Meran, where I actually found a great bike shop to fix some small problems on my bike before heading 1.400 hm all the way up to the Naturnser Alm, where I deserved a huge bottle of beer and Kaiserschmarren. Hiking the last 100 hm up to a nice plateau, where I had an incredibly view all the way to the dolomites, I simple had a great downhill run all the way to St.Pangratz in Ultental. Then riding again 600 hm up to Kuppelwies, where the pool was already waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to finally reach the AROSEA LIFE BALANCE HOTEL in Ultimo, Italy. For me thats a must STOP IN for at least one night, even if that is almost too short for that magical place. Thomas, the owner of the hotel was waiting for me already, couple years ago I have been the first time in that hotel and coming back was a great pleasure to me. Enjoying the great spa after such a tough bike run, was the best what could happen to me. The dinner, the room and and the great atmosphere was necessary to kinda like turn off your awareness of having more than 4000 hm left. I highly recommend that place, I guess you will become a returner after your first stay.

DAY No. 3: The hotel also offers great breakfast, only healthy, fresh and local products are to choose. I decided to enjoy a lovley fruity bowl with cereals and a freshly squeezed orange juice before rocking day no. 3 on my bike. I already had two though days, but reaching Madonna di Campilio that day seemed to be super hard. First of all it took me 40 minutes to reach the end of the valley and then almost 2 hours to reach the top of Rabbi Joch, while carrying the bike for about 500 hm. Reaching the Refugio up there was highly appreciated as I was super hungry and I couldn’t wait to eat great Spagetti Bolognese before riding crazy 2000 hm all the way down. The downhill trail here was amazing, super cool. I had so much fun. Almost down the valley, an older person fell off his bike and hit a rock with his head, therefore I kinda become a nurse, as I was carrying my first aid bag, I could help this Italian guy out. He was super thankful and suddenly they have been inviting me for coffee and cake in their house. haha that was super funny, could have been my granddad’s 😀 The first time raining since a couple days, gave me the chance to have a little break before heading the last part from Dimaro to Madonna die Campiglio, I kind like thought those 16 km will never end. NEVER ENDING STORY 🙂 I thought! But luckily on my way combining the last forces or my body and brain three guys from Austria just overtook me and I kinda got my motivation back. Finally I could reach the pass. Up there the group of men have been sitting in a restaurant enjoying beer. 🙂 They kinda like supported me and where shouting to bring me faster to the top of the pass – I felt like I am going to win the TOUR DE FRANCE 😀 haha Well deserved, I almost fell into my bed in a nice and lovely hotel called Majestic Mountain Charme Hotel right in the middle of the centre. In total 2500 hm uphill, 2100 hm downhill and around 80 km.

DAY No.4: I have been leaving Madonna die Campiglio super early as I knew I have to cycle 100 km today to reach RIVA del Garda. The view while leaving that special place was hardly unbelievable, almost every 5 m I had to stop to take a picture of the great Brenta Mountain Group, amazing. At that day I was biking downhill a lot, it was almost more down than up, but many kilometers to do. I met super lovely people, was passing cute little old villages, before trying to reach the top of Passo de Rango, almost on top, I must have missed the final track and therefore I kinda like ended up walking while carrying my bike on shoulders through a forest. The track was super small, not really a track anymore, more than a direction I was following all the way up. I realized I was kinda like super far from where I wanted to end up. I thought I won’t make it to the top haha I got a little bit nervous, but at the end I made it, was super happy about it, had to go down the opposite side again, because also there no track to cycle down. I felt a little bit lost, but I stayed calm and thought I will make it! That strong mental attitude made it possible for me to see the whole tour as a pure enjoyment not as a fear! Finally after walking through a jungle I made it back to the normal track and found the direction to Ledro and then Riva del Garda 😀 Haha I made it, simply on my own, without any support or help! I stayed focused!

I still can’t believe it that the whole tour was happening without any problems. I learned how to fix a tire 🙂 met so many interesting people, ate the best food and enjoyed every minute to the fullest! My strong mental attitude towards that trip made everything looking super easy and perfect. The weather, the direction, the strong body, no pain no gain! 😀

I MADE IT! I hope you can enjoy reading my short overview about my experience doing the TRANSALP on your own – no team, no plan, simply you! It should show you that everything is possible, just do it!



  • Sabine 13. Juli 2017 15:30

    Hallo Nina,
    Großen Respekt und Hut ab vor dieser toller Leistung,
    diese phantastische Tour alleine gemacht zu haben.
    Nichts ist unmöglich – da hast Du vollkommen recht.
    Die Bilder sprechen für sich. Grandios!
    Mach weiter so!!!

    • Nina Gigele 17. Juli 2017 20:44

      Hallo Sabine, vielen lieben Dank für deine tollen Worte, das freut mich sehr, vor allem dass du so aktiv meinem Blog folgst. 🙂 Hoffentlich bis bald mal!

  • Hermann Koch 14. Juli 2017 12:57

    Ausgezeichnet, Respekt tolle Leistung, Deine mentale Stärke bringt Dich zum Ziel, meine Hochachtung

    • Nina Gigele 17. Juli 2017 20:43

      Hallo Hermann, vielen lieben Dank für deine tollen Worte. Das freut mich sehr 🙂

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