Great charity event to support kids to live their life they want! #charity #crossgolf #support #greatcompany #help #love #life

I was super happy when I received the call from the GCG Charity event manager that I should be part of the fabulous event. Last weekend we where playing golf all over the ski resort Golm in Montafon, Austria to raise money for disabled kids and kids who need our support to live their life as great as possible. Playing with hundreds of other fantastic and motivated people was so much fun. We all had just one goal, to safe as much money as possible to support kids life.

Before the competition had started some of the people where telling us the horrible stories of some of the kids while those kids got the chance to fly in a airplane over the Golm. Everyone was just waving its hands to sign the kids where are here for them.

While enjoying the golf course on a beautiful summer day we had the goal to raise more money then the past 8 years. In total with all the organizations, supporters, sponsoring and all competitors we raised more than 120.000 Euro. That total amount is just amazing!

Actually, I have to say that event was amazing, I was super stoked to be part of it and I am proud that we raised so much money!

Thanks for the invitation and the funny hours with Susi Moll, Fredi Berthold, Itzi, Seraphin and the to the Swiss Crew! 🙂

Photocredits: Patrick Säly Photography


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