P E A K L I F E – 1st time above 4000 m

P E A K L I F E – 1st time above 4000 m

P E A K L I F E – 1st time above 4000 m

FABULOUS MOMENT #mountain #spirit #happiness

What a great day – I finally made it to the top of Switzerland – Dufourspitze 4634 m

Hiking 4 hours to the Monte Rosa cabin right below the great Dufourspitze in Zermatt, I totally fell in love with the Matterhorn and the surrounding, great glaciers every direction you face. We actually couldn’t believe that the weather conditions where that perfect, almost too good. It was super hot while hiking all the way up, we helped two Swiss people out and put them also on our rope while passing the crevasses up to the cabin. Was actually super funny, cos I got to talk french again which helps me to support my skills. haha

Up at the cabin we were watching the sunset while enjoying some beers. Great company, great food and an awesome view is waiting when you hike up to the Monte Rosa Cabin. Especially the view in combination with a well deserved beer is just amazing.

Time was running and at 5 am the next day we started to ski touring up direction to Dufourspitze – 4634m Walking underneath a bright sky, silence, slowly rising sun and with mountains everywhere was just unbelievable gorgeous. Such a beautiful start into a day. That atmosphere was bringing all the positive energy reaching the highest peak of Switzerland.

After 7 hours pure enthusiasm and beautiful natural surrounding we reached through the north west ridge the peak of Dufourspitze 4634 m. Well deserved we enjoyed the 2000 m skiing down fresh powder till the glacier has been finishing. The tough part was hiking back to the Gornergratbahn which took us probably 2 hours hiking with skis on the back, no water left, 20 degrees and 12 hours later.

To be honest, the tour was amazing, super tough and you have to be super fit but the earnings: the unbelievable view, the mountains and also the fact that you kinda can see where the curvy alps are ending are just fabulous.


  • Dufourspitze – highest peak of Switzerland 4634 m
  • Location: Zermatt – Monte Rosa
  • in total 28 km of walking, ski touring and skiing
  • in total altitude of 4000 m
  • Pure love!

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