Have you ever heard about the URBAN WORLD ACTION SPORTS SUMMIT @ FISE WORLD SERIES? I travelled there to get 3 personal learnigns when becoming a leader out of this event.

BMX, SKATEBOARD, WAKEBOARD, FLATLAND – WHAAAAT? That’s what I thought when I got first introduced to the event. I am always open to experience new things, meet amazing people and just observe the opportunity I get – therefore I decided to be part of the conference. Although I did not think that I will have these amazing personal learnings when becoming a leader. 

Action Sports and Leadership? One of my 3 personal learnings when becoming a leader?

Travelling to Montpellier, France to attend the urban sports summit conference by SPONSORSHIPX and enjoying the FISE  world action sports festival are happenings I never thought to be invited at. I got the opportunity to become part of a mind-blowing community by my Canadian friends who truly trust in me.

Wow, this was epic, what a performance, I thought while watching the BMX athletes trying new moves.

I attended a conference where the focus premised on how the future of urban action sports will look like. Great personalities from IOC, athletes and people from the industry discussed and presented their thoughts and trends.

My three personal findings I reflected upon when flying back from the event:

1. Honesty and integrity should be key when being a leader

Being the first time ever on an urban action sports festival was something I will never forget as the energy on that festival area attracted my heart. No boundaries in terms of origins, religion, cultures or negative competition showed off. The audience was supporting every athlete no matter if they failed to try a new move. They were pushing them to the limit and above.

A short personal reflection on my experience as an athlete:
That kind of mentality I never really experienced when I was still competing as a professional athlete. I simply had tunnel vision, no chance to look right and left as this would have been the opposite effect of what the industry would have wanted.

Once I assessed the direction of the community feeling I also understood that the audience was walking by their side down the path the athlete sets.

2. The vision they aim for the future of urban sports festival

Catfish was saying it right: “I am stoked when I can show urban sports to kids who get excited and want to become an athlete as well.”His comment while presenting during the conference made me think about when I started to become an athlete, I simply had no support except my parents who introduced me how to deal with society’s jealousy and how to see sports as a chance to grow and experience.

Listening to a personality who is in his sport one of the best and most successful athletes were incredible mind-blowing due to his strong vision and path he was going towards.
He tends to involve new kids in charting a future and direction to professional sports. It connects, enables to be part of a disciplined community and follows a strong vision.

3. The event and its athletes influence more than 700 K Follower who attends the festival

This is insane walking around 5 km up and down on the river Les Lez between performing athletes and their fans and audience who simply want to see their role-models, no matter of any prejudices.

  • The location is perfect to bring global people to connect and spend time together.
  • Its a place where positive energy is spread all over the audience.
  • The athletes get also influenced by the support they earn while performing at a high level.
  • Its something to observe and learn how to engage people and society to simply support and grow together.

To sum up

I am thankful to experience a conference where I am able to learn about how a leader should act in terms of honesty, focusing on a vision and engaging people. Observing people’s knowledge, opinions and the drive to move on motivated in keeping up my willingness to learn, to help others and to grow as a leader.

Personal Reflection

I think it is incredible how sports can connect people all over the world. Growing up in sports didn’t get always the positive feedback I hoped to get when I was younger as I was thrown into a drawer with lots of prejudices. Nowadays I am thankful and happy that I could experience the good and let’s call them important learnings while being a professional athlete. I get to know so many people all over the world who I can call them members of my family. I will keep on moving and I appreciate who I am and who I can call my friends globally.

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