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The first time ever that I made it to 15 seconds event in Graz, Austria. The event had the focus on future belongs to the curious ones, thats for sure. Want to know more about my persona, check out here

As a digital media enthusiast and entrepreneur, I was super curious and stoked that I got an invitation to take part at one of the biggest business festival gathering thinkers, makers and leaders from all over the world. This year more than 5000 people decided to attend the event to meet curious inspirational minds. 

Amazing people

Meeting amazing people, impressive mindsets and futuristic thinking supported my curiosity to take part in the festival. 48 hours full of technical, design and leadership innovation made me thinking more about how to implement my ideas. This place was filled up with inspiring creativity, movements and energy. 

What makes it so fantastic – well its the fact that our future is closer than we think. Things are happening so fast, growing immediately and changing immensely. To be a leader in the change is something which makes me curious, engaged and motivated. Working together, get inspiration from so many smart people is something which brings me energy and gets to know even more inspirational minds. Being part of a community with the same interests and values are my motivation to go bigger. 

I was listening to several great speakers from all over the globe. #future #speaker #gathering 

For example, Stephen Gates, Head of Design Transformation of InVision was talking about how you can inspire creativity and innovation to anyone. As I have been working the past months with Invision due to my projects at Hyper Island I was super curious about his attitude towards the future. He was leading creative teams for some of the world’s biggest brands and working with senior teams at Apple, Google and Facebook. The opportunities to affect businesses as we get is a huge advantage, we just need to take the opportunity. 

Another inspirational person I was listening to was Pascal Dulex, he is working as a cultural coach at the brand Freitag. He was showing us his 23 steps how to work successfully in a team within a company. I was listening to his talk and I realized he is using the Hyper way, which made me proud as I knew exactly why he is telling that to us. Inspired, satisfied and related are keywords of how I was feeling while listening. 

Hyper Island Connection

Scott Morrison went on stage and quoted Hyper Island Partnership Director Anders Sjostedt: “With technology disruption all industries, the journey towards consciously competent is still relevant, but only when we see it as a part of a constant rebirth. In a fast-changing world, relaxing into conscious competence immediately makes us unconsciously incompetent.” Furthermore, Scott also presented his new book Creative Superpowers. 

Three amazing speakers I present here show just a little of how inspiring the gathering festival was. I was blown away by so many individuals I met during the event. Being part of an interdisciplinary business festival gathering is something I felt comfortable and valuable at the same time. Its all about learn, unlearn, relearn, meeting new people, staying curious and thinking ahead are some quotes I believe in to be satisfied by myself. 

“Curiosity is something that we are all born with. We believe, it is still one of the most exciting ways to unleash your true potential. Whether you are here to make valuable connections, get inspired or learn something new, being a curious mind can make the real difference.” Quote: 15 seconds

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