“ I am Nina, a women full of power, happiness and positivity to engage others and help them keep on moving.”

I am a networker, innovator and influencer.
I am passionate about business and digitalization.
I am authentic, creative and open-minded.


I am the founder of “GO:DIGITAL a boutique agency”, managing multidisciplinary projects within the fields of business development, digital innovation and social media consulting. We combine creativity with business mindset.

Our USP is the combination of creativity, critical thinking and openness to learn and grow.

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As an ex professional sports athlete I could personally grow by extraordinary experiences through competing. Although I got confronted by an unexpected injury which stoped me from becoming successful as a sports athlete.

I never doubt that I could not live the dream I had by then, as the journey to come back to do sports and live the life I was used to, was the best I ever had. This journey teached me about the relevant values of life, this made me to the person I am nowadays.  Growing up with serenity, discipline, motivation and ambition are truly values I follow to be satisfied who I am and what I do. From traveling the world as a fully certified ski instructor and commercial model I always wanted to create value in helping others to grow.

As a founder of GO:DIGITAL, I want to support through my passion to find new ideas and to convince companies to develop business through critical thinking, digital innovation and creativity. This is a place to become successful through a diverse and disruptive perspective. Success defines through the strict focus on details with a clear and passionate point of view.