We have been working very successfully with Nina for many years. Her work is always professional and she is characterized by irrepressible ambition and one hundred percent passion. You can always count on Nina! Luis Kröll, Mein Almhof

I was really fond of the experience working with Nina. She brings a lot of energy and ideas to the party. I particularly like her CAN DO attitude. Even in dense moments and after intense sprint sessions, she has the stamina and will to keep on going. She added fresh perspectives and methodologies to our collaboration. I can recommend her as a very good partner, especially in the context of online marketing, digital innovation and co-creation.

I invited Nina to join me to lecture at the University on Omnichannel Marketing. Her expert knowledge and real-life practice in Influencer Management was highly valuable for the students. I appreciated how fast she came up with an interactive session that showcased her skills: her digital-first business acumen, her extensive social media expertise as well as her toolkit of modern methods. Off the stage, I got to know her as a beautiful, open-hearted person, whom I love to follow on her Instagram account on her daring adventures in the Austrian Alpes.

Nina is a multi-skilled person. She can sale, built communities, do modeling, teach skiing and so on. She can complete multiple tasks within her network, which is very much satisfactory for a company to have certain work done easy and quickly. She is always updated with the latest trend in sports and fashion. I have been working with her for more than 5 years and it has always been fun and exciting.

I have had the pleasure to be working with Nina on several projects over the past 10 years of my professional career. Having studied sport- and event management together with Nina here in Salzburg, Austria, she always showed the courage and determination to strive for the best possible outcome in any given academic or business challenge. Nina is a fast-paced individual with the mindset of an athlete, always willing to go the extra mile. Critical thinking, endless motivation and the ability to dream big helped her to establish multiple brands throughout her entire portfolio of accomplished projects.

I met Nina during the ISPO last year and we immediately connected. Since then we have been working together and so far I can tell she is a superstar. Very motivated personality, always engaged and eager to reach more. I do like her work mentality and her friendly and authentic personality.


Through bold know-how and active listening, I will help progressive organisations advance by setting exceptional online and offline performance standards and unique mindset —creatively, technically, sustainably, and ethically. I am a decision-maker and networker intending to provide value-based solutions individually adjusted to your needs. As a result, I am propelling your brand and digital platforms forward.

I deliver on-point service, quick results, feedback on next steps, honesty, integrity, and agility. I care about you and your business 100 per cent.

My motivation is creating impulses, which works in every service I offer. It is about you, what are your needs?

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